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If you asked a lady what is the medicine she had for flu last month she may not remember, however, even after 20 years she would remember the prenatal vitamin she had been using, at least by the looks and color of the bottle, she will remember the size of her baby at birth, and she will remember if she had suffered from constipation and fatigue or if she had smooth and active pregnancy. She would remember if she had anemia or if she had good blood hemoglobin, and above all, she will never forgot her Dr. Thus, being a very critical and important time in peoples life, the prenatal formula must keep the lady active, happy, comfortable and confident that her baby will be in good health and proper birth weight. That is why the Dr’s decision to prescribe and your decision to take Promise nunal will always be the right decision.

Promise nunal for the mother and the baby. All She Needs!


Promise nunal helps the baby during its Neurological development:

  • Highest concentration of Folic acid among prenatal formula 800 mcg of Folic acid.
  • Highest concentration of Vit B Complex including Vit B1, B2, B3, B6, B9,B12.
  • Highest concentration of elemental Iron 45 mg Elemental Iron.

Promise nunal protects against Low Birth Weight:

  • Low birth weight has been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as weight at birth of less than 2,500 grams (5.5 pounds). (1)
  • This is based on epidemiological observations that infants weighing less than 2,500 g are approximately 20 times more likely to die than heavier babies.
  • LBW prevalence was 15% In GCC according to WHO from all deliveries.  In  A.E.  in 2015 LBW is only 9%.  Thanks to effective programs of prenatal care developed by ministry of Health and to new highly advanced Prenatal vitamins as Promise nunal. (2,3)

Promise nunal protects the baby from Iron deficiency anemia and depleted Iron stores.

  • 45 mg of elemental Iron augmented with high concentration of Vit B complex, Zinc, Vit C, Copper, Molybdenum and Natural Vit E, All guarantee the baby with adequate Iron stores and Hemoglobin that can keep on  the first 120 days of life after delivery.4
  • 5 mg of Vit B12 prevents B12 deficiency that can lead to anemia, delayed cognition function and Autism. (5)

Promise nunal protects the baby against gastrointestinal infection.

  • Babies born to mothers deficient in Zinc are 100% more vulnerable to gastrointestinal infection in the first 120 days of life. (6)

The mother’s vitamin: All She Needs !

Promise nunal  boosts vitality  &  well being:   Feel Happy.

  • Highest concentration of Vit B complex , boosts the energy, augments tissue repair, elevates the mood and helps the mother to feel great during pregnancy.
  • Protects the mother from Vit B deficiency depression. (9,10)

Promise nunal  Promotes beauty , decreases hair loss, promotes hair re-growth and promotes healthy smooth skin:

  • Highest concentration of Vit B complex, folic acid, Vit E, Iron and Zinc ensures hair follicles receive the maximum needed micro-nutrients to keep its position on the scalp and grow healthy.
  • Natural Vit A, Beta carotene and micro-nutrients boost Skin vitality, smoothness and
  • Dark circles below the eyes is at its minimum due to high concentration of antioxidants and excellent hemoglobin levels.


1- Why should I take a multivitamin during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very critical and demanding time in the life of the mother and the baby. If certain micronutrients as iron, zinc, selenium, folate, vit B complex, Vit A and others are deficient or at border line, unwanted consequences may occur to both the mother and the baby, as anemia, diabetes, preeclampsia, diarrhea, spina bifida, vision and skin impairment, and other conditions. Thus is you are not 100% sure that you are eating a perfectly balanced diet that contains 100% of the daily required amounts of nutrients for pregnant lady, then it is better to take a prenatal vitamin. Promise nunal and Promise Pure DHA are perfectly balanced and comprehensive prenatal formula.

2-Does Promise line contain gluten?

Promise nunal and Promise Pure DHA are gluten free.

3-Does Promise contain any pocine derivative?

Promise nunal and Promise Pure DHA are completely free from any porcine derivative. Gelatin in Promise Pure DHA is from bovine origin only.

4-I heard that Vit A should not be given to mothers in pregnancy, why does Promise contain Vit A?

Vit A above 8000 I.U. daily is not recommended during pregnancy. Promise contains only 1500 I.U. Vit A and 1500 Beta carotene that the body can convert to Vit A on need.

Vit A deficiency is a big problem , and less Vit A could cause serious impairment in the vision and development of the baby, in addition to problems to the mother. That is why the mother must by all means have enough Vit A and Beta carotene, but at proper amounts. Eating huge amounts of liver or carrots is not recommended during pregnancy, however moderate consumption is most welcome.

5-What should I do to ease constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation is very prevalent during pregnancy. Most ladies would suffer from this annoying feeling. It may even turn into more unpleasant conditions and hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Among the reasons behind constipation : Hormonal changes – the baby pressure on the intestine, overdose of vitamins containing Iron( more than 45 mg daily). You should eat food rich in fibers, drink a lot of water, and walk around. If you are using Promise nunal or Promise Pure DHA most likely you will not suffer from constipation, as Promise contains ingredients that help ease defecation and makes the experience soft and non painful.

6- Can I take the calcium and Promise in the same time?

Big doses of Calcium ( over 80 mgs) may inhibit absorption of Iron and other minerals. It is recommended to leave at least 2 hours between calcium supplement and any other supplement.

7- What is DHA, and how to take it?

DHA or Docosahexanoic acid is the main fatty ingredient in the brain. And since 80% of the brain is made of fats, the importance of DHA becomes obvious. It is proven to be important during lactation to be added to baby formula for non breast feeding mothers, however, during pregnancy, there is some debate if it is important to the baby or not, since the mother’s body should actively produce and supply DHA to the baby. It is available in certain fish oil products, in eggs and some algae. Omega oils hardly convert o into DHA ( only 6%). So Omega supplements that say Omega but not DHA are not valuable for this purpose. Promise line offers two options: Promise nunal: it doesn’t contain DHA, if you want DHA then you can easily buy the brand of your choice of DHA. Promise Pure DHA: PROVIDES 100% of the daily recommended amount, and the nice thing is, it is in the same capsule with all other vitamins and minerals, so only one capsule gives you all what you need.

8-Should I take folic acid ?

Folic acid is a source of Folate, which is very important during pregnancy for the baby nervous system development and the mother’s health. Promise is really very advanced in regards to Folic acid. As Promise nunal provides 200% of the daily amount of Folic acid, and Promise Pure DHA provides the forth generation of Folate (Quaterfolic). There is absolutely no need for external need of Folic acid if you are using Promise.


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