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FITNESS100 are used for ladies whose weight over 80 and Men whose weight over 100.


As you reading this website and reviewing FITNESS100, you are about changing your life.

FITNESS100 are used for ladies whose weight over 80 and Men whose weight over 100.

Before explaining FITNESS100, three important advices must be given; following them supports the success of any weight loss program, and ignoring them is capable of ruing your efforts immensely.

Refrain completely from taking all types of fruit juices:

All fruit juices are loaded with sugars. Even natural juices and juices with no added sugar or flavors still contain a quantity of sugar ranging from 25 to 35 grams per portion. Carrot juice and non sweetened herbal teas are your new friends in your new life. On the other hand, you can eat reasonable quantities of fruits, but not the juice.

Drink a lot of water: keep the water bottle besides you.

You have to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Water cleanses the kidneys, the liver, purifies the skin, regulates intestinal movement, gives the muscles the ability to perform longer and reduces the sensation of fatigue.

Motion and walking:

Walking for at least 15 minutes daily preserves the bones and muscles and slows down the perception of getting older, and makes you feel happy.

We will explain FITNESS100 through answering a set of questions:

What is FITNESS100?

It is an American product composed from 100% natural herbs, of which some are traditional and some are newly discovered, and free from any artificial or medicinal ingredients.

What is the purpose from FITNESS100?

A-FITNESS100 aims at helping you reduce your weight in a safe effective way by reducing appetite and increasing activity.

B- Allowing the stomach to shrink to its normal size due to Lessing the amount of food, thus helping you to keep your new weight, and to get used to your new life.

How to use FITNESS100?

A** First three days:

3 capsules on wake up, 1 hour before breakfast.

3 capsules one hour before lunch meal.

B** until completion of the bottle:

2 capsules on wake up, 1 hour before breakfast.

2 capsules 1 hour before lunch meal.

C** A rest for 7 a week to allow your body to get used to the new weight (method of Stair steps) and to allow you to lose more weight and at the same efficacy on starting the next pack of FITNESS100.

And thus the period of losing weight is 21 days followed by 7 days of rest, and then starts all over again.

What would you expect on using FITNESS100?

A** in about 3 to 5 days of continues use of FITNESS100 and without cutting off:

The effect of FITNESS100 starts to show, and this is revealed by a general feeling of energy and fullness, and disappearance of cravings to food especially sweets and chocolate.

FITNESS100 is a 100% natural product, so don’t expect pronounced appetite suppression before 3 days of continuous use.

B** after 7 days from continuous use of FITNESS100 and with no cutting of, weight loss gets noted.

Remark: always use the same weight balance to get the most accurate results.

C** after 14 days, weight lose gets highly noted and reaches the peak after 21 days with the condition of continuous use without cutting off.

Besides weights lose, you feel highly energetic, and feel full quite quickly and have NO CRAVINGS towards your favorite food especially sweets and chocolates.

Shall I regain the weight I have lost when I stop using FITNESS100?

What keeps your new weight is simply: YOU.

Practically; you should keep on using FITNESS100 for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months such that your stomach shrinks back to its natural size, and modest appetite becomes a normal thing. And this is what distinguishes FTINESS from other products.

However, if you noted your appetite and cravings coming back, and you got afraid from regaining the weight you have lost, then you have to go back to using FITNESS100 to keep your new fitness100 and enjoy your new life.

How does FITNESS100 help you lose weight?

There are a lot of medical researches published in elite medical journals for each ingredient in FITNESS100. (References are in the back). And could generally summarize the effect of the ingredients in: 1- increasing the rate of metabolism , 2- slowing down the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into fats by storing it for longer time in the muscles as Glycogen ( horses are distinguished for being energetic and low in fats for the same reason) which causes sensation of fullness , and the body doesn’t feel in need for external sources of energy( food), furthermore, these effects cause t the body to be energetic and make you crave for movement and activity rather than craving for sweets and chocolates.

I hate diet and can’t control amounts of food; how can FITNESS100 help me?

Two main reasons for the failure of most people to follow a certain diet and keep on it; whish simply are;


All of us love food and don’t want to be restraint from what we love in life. So the diet period is always full of nervousness and mostly, we quite diet just to go back to the food we love with passion and cravings. This is the simple truth.

Diet complication and not sharing the family;

Most of us just can’t calculate amounts of calories in a spoon of rice and just don’t know what the diet means by (a piece of macaroni). And we find it rather silly to eat something different than the rest of the family.

FITNESS100 helps you decrease amount of food by feeling FULL and helps you to be active and energetic as well.

An example by numbers:

The common person would consume daily from 750 grams to 1000 grams of food between the three meals. And the body gets rid of around 200 grams to 250 grams of wastes.

This means the common person whose weight is not increasing would burn daily from 500 grams to 750 grams of food or 15 to 22.5 kilos of food monthly, to keep the body temperature, to move, and to make new tissues.

On suppressing the appetite and subsequently reducing the food amount to half, the body has to use the fat stores to produce the needed energy.

And since fats produce twice the energy produced by carbohydrates and proteins, we can expect the body to burn an amount of between 5 to 7.5 kilos of fats.

If you apply the first three advices: (No Juice- A lot of water- 15 minutes daily walk) you can make this work for you.

Should I take vitamins with FITNESS100?

Vitamins are among the most important factors for health, and since we expect to reduce food amount, then we can expect decrease in amounts of vitamins which may affect the quality of hair and skin. Based on this we recommend taking vitamins especially ( SOLIS ) which is a multivitamins designed to enhance the health of the hair and the beauty of the skin.

I have just given birth to a beautiful baby, and want to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy, when I can start FITNESS100?

There is no medical research for FITNESS100 or its ingredients during pregnancy and lactation. So we don’t recommend to use FITNESS100 while breast feeding.

After you have weaned your baby, we strongly recommend using FITNESS100 as described.

What if I want to know anything more?

You can ask your Dr. immediately, also you can contact us on:

How Fitness100 can help ladies with Poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)?

What is polycystic ovaries Syndrome (PCOS): it is the inability of the ovaries to produce a fertilizable ova in mid of the menstrual cycle, causing the primordial cell to be encysted in the ovary, which leads to inhibition of secretion of hormones responsible for the thickening of the uterus wall and the irregularity of the menstrual cycle.

When is the patient diagnosed with Polycystic ovary Syndrome (PCOS): In Rotterdam convention 2003, three criteria where considered, if two of them are present, the patient is diagnosed with PCOS.

1-Detection of 12 or more ovarian cysts, ranging in size between 2 mm and 9 mm or more.

2-Elevation in androgen hormone level.

3-Irregular menstrual cycles (occasional or no menstruation).

What are the causes of PCOS: in addition to genetic factor, PCOS in over weight patients mostly results from the elevation of the insulin hormone in blood, which stimulates certain cells in the ovaries (theca cells) to produce androgens at high levels. The elevation in androgen hormone leads to the subsequent increase in female sex hormones as well, thus leading to the feedback inhibition of the Luteinizing hormone (LH).

What are the other symptoms of PCOS: as mentioned in the previous point, elevation in insulin hormone leads to elevation in androgen (male) hormone, which leads to unfavorable symptoms as body hair growth especially facial hair, deeper voice, hair fall especially in head front, weight gain, fats accumulation in the waist area.

What is the relation between overweight and PCOS: around 70% of PCOS patients are overweight, and this is logic as explained:

As mentioned in previous points, PCOS is tightly bond to insulin hormone, and since overweight is among the important factors for insulin hormone elevation, and also ( as mentioned in point 4) the elevation in insulin hormone leads to elevation in androgen (male) hormone. And elevation in androgen (male hormone) leads to wait gain especially in the waist area, thus leads once more to the elevation in insulin hormone, and so on. In what is known as vicious cycle effect.

What are the international recommendations for treating PCOS: according to the recommendations published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, December 2013, JCEM jc.2013–2350.

Therapy for overweight PCOS patients should start by losing 5% body weight. According to a number of clinical studies, the incidence of natural ovulation after 5% body weight loss ranges from 30% to 90%. Some studies examined only weight loss, others examined weight loss in combination with insulin sensitizers (enable body cells to utilize insulin and thus reduce its concentration in blood).
Insulin sensitizers. 3- Hormonal therapy. 4- Surgical intervention.

Why is Fitness100 considered beneficial for treating PCOS:

According to a number of clinical studies being performed on (Fitness100), it helps overweight patients with PCOS to lose 5% to 10% body weight in a period of three months with strict adherence to instructions of use( taken one hour before first and second meals- abstain from all kinds of juices- drink plenty of water- walk 10 minutes daily).

Results of the studies show intense decease in fasting insulin hormone level, and intense decrease in androgen (male hormone) level, with successful ovulation and regain regularity of menstruation in most cases.**

** Final results of the studies are still under investigation.


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