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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)


Ferrotec is the most advanced product for treatment of micronutrient deficiencies.  Ferrotec supplies 15 factors that are directly vital or indirectly vital in building the Haemoglobin and improve the total health.

Fitness 100

FITNESS100 are used for ladies whose weight over 80 and Men whose weight over 100.


Folitec is the world most advanced first trimester formula as it provides the Forth generation of Folate ( Quaterfolic) that is stable, active and doesn’t need enzymatic action.    Not just that, Folitec also contains VitB 6 and Ginger extract that are proved to stop nausea and vomiting.  In addition to other factors that reduces probability of pregnancy complications as Organic Selenium.



Calcium – ViTD & essential minerls and Vitamins for Optimum Bones.

Skeleton is the main support of the whole body.  Yet less people are cautious about taking Calcium, get enough Sun light or exercising enough to keep their bones strong and healthy.

Promise DHA

Promise Pure DHA is the most advanced prenatal formula, rich in Iron and all vitamins , minerals and bioactive ingredients needed during pregnancy and lactation. Only Calcium should be added as it can’t be given with Promise at the same time because Calcium negatively affects the absorption of other minerals.

Promise Nunal

for Healthy Mother and Baby



There is no product like Solis.

Hair loss, dry skin and brittle finger nails are not a medical conditions or diseases on their own.  These are reflections of other medical conditions that affects the body and showed themselves to us as Hair loss, dry skin and brittle nails.


To boost energy, increase focus and reduce fatigue. For thousands of years, both Royal Jelly and Ginseng were famous for their action on increasing energy and boosting endurance. Formulating the purest possible extracts with high concentrations of VitB  produced a very powerful energy  booster: SupraMAX